Santiago - Colombia - Rated 10

7 de agosto de 2019


One of finest experiences that we have had in our travels! We are so grateful we found this property. This was also far better than we expected. I strongly suggest for everybody to share this experience with this amazing couple!


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* Activity Eco Tours

Long Term Stay: Average for Long Term Rental: $450.000 COP week & $1.600.000 COP/month - Cash Only.  

Arabica Coffee Plant Flowering

 Floracion de plantas de cafe Arabica

Organic Avocados, Platanos, Pineapples Mangostinos and Corn

Aguacates, Platanos, Piñas, Mangostinos, y Maiz Organicos

The Miraculous Sachi Inchi Contains a High Content of Proteins with ALL the Essential Amino Acids and Omega 3 & 6  which are Essential Fatty Acids.

El Milagroso Sachi Inchi Contiene un Mayor Contenido de PROTEINAS con TODAS los Aminoacidos Esenciales y Omega 3 y 6 que son Acidos Grasos Esenciales.

Francisco - Argentina - marzo de 2019

I was amazed!!

The property is just stunning, the quiet,  you feel at peace in nature and the hosts! They´re a lovely couple super generous. You can walk thrugh the mountains and bump into a waterfall!  If you´re looking for a place to rest, you´re in the perfect one. No doubt I´ll stay there "a few" more ocassions.

Cascada Cafe Retiro

* Directions - Direcciones

* Activity Eco Tours

* Long Term Stay | Estancia a Largo Plazo

* Long Term Stay | Estancia a Largo Plazo

Nos Estamos Preparando Para Tu AVENTURA

Estadia de Largo Duracion $450.000 COP/ Semana & $1.600.000 COP/ mes - Solamente efectivo.  

Conciencia Amor Infinito

Para mas informacion, pongese en contacto conmigo: divine.infinite.love8@gmail.com

Taller de 2 Dias: 4 y 5 de Mayo de 2024 

 $90.000 COP, $140.000 para una pareja 

¿Quien Soy Yo? |  ¿Que demonios he venido hacer a esta Tierra? 

¿Como prosperar durante los años de transicion?

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Cascada Cafe Retiro

 Rated Top Hostel in Popayan, Colombia

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